Case Studies

Doing the Right Thing

Here's a classic example of how we engineered a solution to suit our customer's specific requirements.

Supply Chain professionals have always faced challenges when it comes to supplying order quantities in wider geographic spread in time efficient and economical manner – whether it be B2C transaction or B2C. One of our prime clients, who are leading exporter of engineering products to some of the Industrial / Auto majors across the globe had similar challenges. Through EPT, they have achieved and maintain 98%+ delivery ratings for past consecutive 6 years. Obviously now it not only good product that sells but also easy procurement and efficient supply chain makes it even a pleasurable experience.

The Challenge

Our customer was supplying short quantities, which used to be less than the container load. The smaller LCL shipments took more lead-time, and were often held at destination gateway ports. This disrupted the supply of components and resulted in huge costs.

Not More, Not Less

We transformed the process by loading containers every week irrespective of the cargo volumes. We consolidated the cargo and delivered it to door-steps leading to uninterrupted supply of components, saving considerable lead time and substantial cost for our customer. Eventually, we added warehousing for their components to our value chain, and now EPT provides JIT service solutions where the products are shipped in bulk quantities, while the end user receives the material for the assembly in right quantity.

The Result

This model has been implemented for their shipments to China and has been successfully running for more than 3 years.

A Fruitful Relationship

How we put in place a comprehensive delivery system for a specialized customer

A leading Machine Manufacturer & Automation Major works solely with us to deliver their machines, globally. Today, they enjoy an edge over their competition not only in making superior quality machines but also in delivering the machines efficiently to their customers. Procuring machines from them has now become an experience that can be compared to an exclusive brand.

The situation:
This customer primarily focussed on their core competence of machine manufacturing. They preferred delivering machines on either EXW Basis or FOB basis. Although their customers appreciated the great quality of machines, global buyers had supply chain issues when it came to placing orders.

The journey:
It was an honour to get the initial break through with this customer. Together, we began on this journey of being "partners in progress". The first stage involved taking over the first phase of supply chain process, wherein we delivered machines till discharge ports. Thereafter, we progressed to delivering machines to the customer's doorsteps. After this, there has been no looking back. Our diligently crafted solutions for each machine (which varied from 4MT to 35MT) has travelled to Far East destinations to Europe to the US to South America – practically all across the globe.

Looking Beyond Challenges

This assignment for a high-profile client required extreme caution and expertise on our part.

The advanced technology in material handling systems and superior infrastructures has contributed to the development of efficient transportation system. Say for e.g. carrying almost 100Mt of pc is not a big deal. But it is a big deal when that equipment is for a Nuclear facility, to be delivered to a remote location - where bridges to carry that load do not exist. Added to which, the customer decides that they need to change the delivery location just when the pc is loaded on the Hydraulic Axle for delivery!

The scenario:
We had recently moved 4 x 100MT shipment for the esteemed customer from India to the US. Shortly after landing, we got to know that the place of delivery has been changed to a remote location wherein availing road permits for heavy lift movement itself was a challenge.

We couldn't be more grateful for our global partners whose local knowledge and never-say-die attitude constantly helps us to craft solutions beyond challenges.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

A narrative of how we went the extra mile to deliver on our commitme

We always live up to the trust placed in us and maintain the highest level of integrity. And when it comes to our references, all the more.

A customer of ours recommended us to his Europe based client who is supplying major equipments to a large manufacturing unit coming up in Algeria. The hitch being complex purchasing term and Letter of Credit from the buyer.

Transparent communication:
The orders were placed globally, and when deliveries were about to start, this L/C started showing its dos and don'ts. The first delivery was initiated from India. Now, the supplier being a friend called our Europe based customer for a joint meeting. The ensuing transparent dialogue helped us understand the complexity of the situation. With the help of our industry friends, global network, in depth process prowess of our highly capable team, we came up with an all inclusive solution.

The outcome:
So far, we have moved equipment from the Indian subcontinent, Far East, Europe, Middle East for this project since 2015, and there are many more in pipeline.

An Intensive Working Experience

How we went all out for a rigorous project in a short span of time

Since the past 5 years, a major engineering gaint company in India has entrusted us with the movement of their project cargo which requires End-to- End Solutions.

The crux:
A particularly daunting assignment; it was no different as we had to deliver 34 trucks loads – with 4 trucks loaded with heavy lift through haz cargoes, special air ride step decks and vessel hustling in port for departure over 5 days. Surely, a shot of adrenaline in such time-defying constraints!

Seamless Solution:
An experience of tactical synchronization; it involved operations with 12 hour time difference but finally we got all on board the planned vessel and made it up in the required project time line.

The highlight:
3600FRT of cargo with heavy lifts and haz cargo successfully delivered in 58 days from farfetched US to India.

Spreading Smiles

An example of the kind of work we particularly enjoy

Bringing Kung Fu Panda home:
An absolute favourite of kids across the world, the movie Kung Fu Panda is extremely popular. We brought its main characters PO & Tigress to India for a conference and travelled across with them carrying their stuff around. They're currently very much present in the capital waiting for their assignment to get over; and go back to their valley of peace, so to speak. This example illustrate the passion we hold for our work, and our constant endeavour to raise the bar even higher

Something we love
We enjoy working on projects ranging on diversification of culture like sports, art, music and concerts, and we are very vocal and expressive regarding the same.

Flying High

A major breakthrough project wherein our innovation came into play

For a leading aircraft company, we had designed a packaging solution right from scratch.

Uncharted skies
A first-of-a-kind attempt in which airframe assemblies had to be shipped overseas from India by taking a steam ship ride.

Innovation across seas
We had to transport our client's aircraft structure assemblies from India to Germany by sea. Right from customised industrial packaging, handling and logistics, we took care of it all. This was a major leap of invention, as for the first time ever, airframe assemblies had to be shipped overseas from India.

The sky is the limit
Continuous improvement in packaging and an efficient logistics arrangement was ensured, as a result of which, all sets were delivered on time in safe condition.

Creating History

We helped establish a Guinness World Record

Spreading good cheer
We were part of a project for supplies of T-shirts and Caps to Doha. The mission was to make the World's Largest Human Smiley, which, with our impecible execution was successfully accomplished. Today, this smiley holds the record for the world's largest human smiley. These few examples illustrate the passion we hold for our work, and our constant endeavour to raise the bar even higher.

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